Introducing BlackCoin!

StrikeSapphire becomes the first casino to accept BlackCoin!

Sat, Mar. 22nd, 2014 06:09 pm - StrikeSapphire opened the first Bitcoin casino in 2011, with 25 multiplayer games including 9 poker variants, and the only browser-based casino software to let players open six tables of different games in the same window. We started in Bitcoin, and never accepted LiteCoin or any altcoins, but we have constantly been scanning the field for something worthy of our attention.

If you haven't heard yet, BlackCoin is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coin, rather than a Proof-of-Work coin (like Bitcoin). No more BlackCoin can be mined. Rather, all BlackCoin wallets collect 1% interest on their holdings over the course of the year. This prevents inflation from mining, and makes BlackCoin a scarce resource. Ultimately, BlackCoin could become to Bitcoin what your savings account is to your checking account.

We've really liked what we've seen thus far with BlackCoin. We like what we see as a separate PoS ethos emerging from the community that could serve as a moderating influence on speculation and even have a positive effect by knocking out other coins that are just pump & dump operations. We're also impressed at BlackCoin's resilience. We really like the basic structure behind BlackCoin and we think it's the only one right now that has a future. Its future might be even brighter than Bitcoin's, to tell the truth. These are early days, but what we see from the BlackCoin community is the same kind of resolve we saw back then, and it's sold us on the importance of being the first casino into this currency.

We're therefore pleased to announce that we have chosen BlackCoin to be our next deposit / withdrawal method beyond Bitcoin. At this point we are still not considering any other altcoins! Current Bitcoin users are welcome to withdraw BlackCoin from our site (there is a 2% withdrawal fee). Or, you can buy BlackCoin on the exchange at MintPal. So grab some BlackCoin and come try it out. We think it'll make a great long-term investment!

How to Play: Sapphire Rummy

Tue, Apr. 24th, 2012 07:58 pm - Just like everyone else who goes to Vegas, I love trying to count cards at Blackjack. It's not as easy as it looks to beat the odds, especially with all the automatic shufflers and whatnot. And then you have to factor in the odds of having your bones broken if you actually are good at it.So, awhile back I was thinking about designing a new Vegas-style game for StrikeSapphire...

Of course the new game had to be multiplayer like our other table games. So I thought, why not make something that actually encourages people to count cards and work together? After all, the philosophy behind all our original games is that (1) they should pay better than other casinos do if you play just on luck, and (2) they should pay even better -- maybe even 100% RTP -- if you refine your skill. The Scuba Cube slot is an example of that, but it's just for one player. Sapphire Rummy is the party version of the same idea.

I'm a big fan of Gin Rummy -- killed countless hours in train stations and bus depots playing it, in my travels. So this game is based on the same rules of melds (3+ suited cards in a row, or 3+ of the same face value) and deadwood (the total face value of whatever's left over). I designed this game to give players the feeling of real Rummy -- getting control over which cards you keep -- but with a fast-paced style of play similar to Three Card Poker or Ultimate Texas Holdem.

So far, the overall payout from Sapphire Rummy has been 96.67% - about what I predicted for individual players. And that's what we've had. No one has yet teamed up to figure out how to beat it. But the math says that with 3 players working together (seeing each other's cards, plus the 3 the dealer shows), there is no house edge at all. Maybe even a negative house edge. I'm not that good with math.

Pretty soon, we're going to put together a contest between teams, for which team can "cheat" the best at Sapphire Rummy. For now, check out the video above and start working on your skills!

Mayan Gold Bitcoin Slots's Slots and Roulette hybrid in action!

Tue, Apr. 10th, 2012 05:46 pm -
Our original Mayan Gold game can be a little tricky to figure out the first time. Here's a quick video demonstration that explains the rules of the game. Once you know how it works, you'll find Mayan Gold offers some of the best odds in the house with rolling progressive jackpots.

First Weekend Tournament Final!

Tue, Mar. 27th, 2012 12:01 am -

Congratulations to Bonjin on winning our first 5 BTC all-casino weekend tournament!

We're starting a new leaderboard on Thursday, March 29th... good luck to all the new players!

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