How to Play: Sapphire Keno.

Mon, Mar. 12th, 2012 11:34 pm - StrikeSapphire Keno may just be the greatest innovation on the basic game of Keno since the Romans started running numbers.

For some reason, a million years ago, everyone agreed on this convention that a Keno card has 80 numbers on it, and there are 20 that get hit, and you get to choose ten. It's true, that makes for a nice even payout table that everyone can follow along with. But what if you could get better odds and higher RTP from a casino by changing the basic rules behind the game? What if you could rearrange the card to have only ten numbers, and only 6 landed, and pick 5? And what if you could weight the payout table so you got better odds for catching none, or catching them all? Well, it's dangerous for casinos to do that, because someone might actually get an edge on the house that way.

The math equations behind Sapphire Keno are patent pending. We're the first casino to offer anything like this. Take a look at the demo below and think of the possiblities!

Higher Stakes for VIPs

Bitcoin Blackjack up to $25, Roulette up to $50.

Wed, Jan. 04th, 2012 04:30 pm - To kick off the new year, StrikeSapphire introduces new VIP tables for Silver and Gold Star members! Three Card Poker and Craps tables up to $10 are now available as well.

And the 200% bonus below is still active...

Our first 200% Bonus!

Mon, Dec. 12th, 2011 12:55 am - For three days only -- now until Wednesday -- use the bonus code Atchafalaya to get a 200% matching bonus -- up to $200 extra for a $100 deposit!

Our 30x instant-rollover WR applies on the bonus and deposit - our bonus terms changed in November, see our Terms of Service for details.

MONDAY, 8:00 PM GMT -- For 200 Player Points, (equivalent to $50 in bets placed, ever) -- join our $50 NL Hold'em Freeroll. If you're not sure how many player points you have, go to the Account > Account History menu to find out.

And check out the Quetzalcoatl table in Mayan Gold, where the current top jackpot is over $180 ($150+$30 progressive) -- Grab it before someone else does!

Send Bitcoins for Christmas

Mon, Oct. 31st, 2011 03:57 pm - StrikeSapphire is proud to be a part of the development and sponsorship of, a free-to-use site that lets anyone send anyone else Bitcoins for the holidays!

It's our holiday gift to the Bitcoin community. If your friends don't know about BTC this is a great way to introduce it to them.

You can send Bitcoins to anyone with an email address through the site. On the day you choose, they'll receive your personal message along with detailed instructions on how to pick up their coins. The site makes it very easy for anyone to acquire their first coins without any technical skill needed. The range of things that can be bought with Bitcoin is growing every day... making it a great gift for anyone on your list!

Update: See it reviewed here on BetaBeat!

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