We don't want to win your money while you destroy your life. 

Strike Sapphire SA and the StrikeSapphire casino are committed to providing a safe and fair environment for our players. Our goal is to minimize the potential for negative harms to any of our valued customers, which might arise from gambling in general, or in our environment specifically. Part of that job is advocating for responsible play, and doing everything in our power to minimize problem gambling at our site. 

Problem gambling, as we define it, is the practice of gambling more than a person can comfortably afford, thereby causing harm to themselves, their families, and their communities. Signs of problem gambling include:

- Chasing losses.

- Frequent preoccupation with past or fantasized future gaming sessions.

- Repeated, failed attempts to reduce gambling.

- Hiding the extent of the gambling addiction from friends and family.

- Seeking loans or resorting to illegal acts to get more money to either gamble, or to pay off gambling debts.

We recognize that some players, who may be perfectly intelligent and well-adjusted people by every other measurement, simply don't know when to say "enough is enough." We recognize that other players do know when to say it, and we provide the tools necessary for our customers to control their visits and expenditures at the casino as they see fit.

Gambling should be seen as a form of paid entertainment; nothing more. It is not a way to make money, it is not a career, it does not produce anything of value. It is not a way to make the rent. It is not noble or ennobling. It's just fun. Like any other vice, if it stops being fun and threatens your real life, it's got to stop.

Support and Counseling

Numerous organizations exist to assist problem gamblers. As an international casino, it's beyond Sapphire's scope to track the resources available to gamblers in every jurisdiction worldwide. For an excellent source of information, listing Gamblers Anonymous meetings, counseling centers, treatment clinics and responsible gaming organizations worldwide by country, our guests are directed to visit and peruse their international listings.

Deposit Limits

The casino allows players to set a limit on future deposits at any time within our interface. Simply go to the Account menu at the top of the Sapphire screen, and select "Responsible Gaming". There, the player can set a deposit limit and a date for that limit to expire. By entering a valid amount and date through which the restriction will run, and clicking "SET LIMIT", the player sets a hard limit on deposits starting immediately and lasting through the end of the date selected (Costa Rica / GMT -6). Unlike other casinos, Sapphire does not consider withdrawals made during the specified period against the deposit limit. The player is free to withdraw as much as she likes, but the deposit limit remains unchanged until it expires.

The player may re-visit the Responsible Gaming panel in Sapphire at any time to lower her chosen limit, or to extend its expiration date. Once set, however, the limit cannot be raised and the expiration cannot be brought nearer.

Self-Exclusion / Cooling Off Period

The casino allows our players to exclude themselves temporarily or permanently at any time. To do so, visit the Responsible Gaming panel in the Account menu at the top of the screen. Select a date and click "FREEZE ACCOUNT". The freeze will expire at the end of the date selected. Upon doing this, the player will be logged out immediately, according to our standard forced-logout procedures, the same as if the player were ejected from the casino by staff, meaning that all open bets will be lost and the player will lose seating in any current or future tournaments or games already joined.

The player will not be allowed to log into her account until the end of the freeze period, which lasts through the end of the date selected (Costa Rica / GMT -6).

Any player who desires to make her self-exclusion permanent should contact [email protected] or our support phone number immediately. Players seeking self-exclusion will also be removed from our mailing list, and will receive no further contact from the casino.

Forced Exclusion / Cooling Off

At times, the casino may intervene with a player to temporarily or permanently freeze their account and allow them a chance to cool down. All such decisions will be made by the appropriate casino staff, either at the time or upon review of a player's problematic actions. The casino will contact the player by email and advise her of the situation.

Unlimiting and Unfreezing

The casino will under no circumstances alter the limits or freezes on player's accounts per player requests. All limits and freezes are final.


We hope that these tools and options will serve to improve our players' experience by creating a safe, responsible gaming environment. Players who wish to seek counseling or further discuss our responsible gaming procedures are directed to contact [email protected]