The Strike::Sapphire client software ("SOFTWARE") is copyrighted by Strike Sapphire SA (The "Casino"). The Casino additionally has patents pending on several unique gaming systems, including our NSlots, SapphireKeno, Mayan Gold, pay tables and multi-windowed system. Client systems and all graphics content, visual and audio interfaces are hereby licensed for personal use only and are the intellectual property of the Casino. No end-user shall acquire any right to all or any part of the Software except the right to use such in accordance with this Agreement. 

Unless enforcement is prohibited by applicable law, you may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software. 

You may not create additional classes to, or modifications of, the Software, under any conditions whatsoever. 

The Casino retains all rights not expressly granted. 



Upon signup, you agree as a player to abide by all the rules, terms and conditions set forth in this document and to any additional clauses set forth in the future. It is the player's responsibility to be aware of the most current rules, terms and conditions herein.

Players must be at least 18 years of age, as well as of legal age in the country from which they are playing. The Casino requires proof of identity prior to the player's first withdrawal (see Accounts & Passwords). If you believe a minor to have an account on our site, please contact [email protected] immediately.

Players physically within the land or maritime territory of the United States are explicitly prohibited from wagering at the Casino. Players are prohibited from concealing their geographic location by use of proxy servers. Use of proxy servers or attempted play from the US or other countries or territories where online gaming is prohibited shall constitute a direct violation of these Terms. The Casino will freeze any account and seize any funds belonging to players believed to be in the US or accessing the site through a proxy. In no case shall a person or entity within the territories of the United States be allowed to withdraw or otherwise claim any funds or any other thing of value from the Casino.

By creating an account, a player guarantees the truth and accuracy of all information submitted. If the Casino should find that any information given by a player is false, the Casino reserves the right to suspend the player's account along with all funds. The player's account will remain suspended until such time as the Casino has determined to its satisfaction that the player's information was authentic and accurate. 

The Casino reserves the right to refuse membership or to freeze an existing member's playing privileges without cause, at the Casino's sole discretion. 

The Casino shall under no circumstances be liable for any losses or damages incurred by the player in connection with player's use of the casino. 

The use of electronic or mechanical devices or "bots" to play our games automatically is not forbidden by the Casino. However, if use of bots by a player is detected and deemed to compromise the quality of living players' gaming experience, the Casino reserves the right to ask botters to discontinue use of their bots in some or all games. Player acknowledges that such a ruling shall be at the sole discretion of the Casino, and agrees that failure to discontinue use of a bot after a direct written request may result in action against the player up to and including confiscation of the bot's winnings from the time of the request forward, freezing of the player's account, and denial of future access. Sapphire has nothing against bot use in general, but we place greater value on human players' experience at our tables.

Any attempted modification to the Software or any other action taken by a player which results in mismatched, unauthenticated or suspicious data traffic to our servers, intentional or not, will result in the immediate freezing of the player's account, confiscation of funds, and possible blocking of the player's IP addresses, until such time as the Casino is satisfied that the suspect traffic was innocent.

By playing any game at the casino, the player warrants that he or she is familiar with the rules of said game.

Player acknowledges that anything said or typed into a public chat room on the casino is visible by all. Players found posting information about their cards, posting spam, posting hate speech, or conducting criminal activity in a chat area will have their accounts frozen immediately. Players found flooding a chat area will have their accounts frozen until such time as the Casino concludes that the player was not in error.

Player agrees not to cheat or collude in any manner to influence the outcome of any game, whether by working with collaborators or hacking the Software. Players suspected of cheating or unfair practice, whether conducted by humans or bots, shall have their accounts suspended pending further investigation, and the Casino reserves the absolute right to confiscate all ill-gotten gains for redistribution to players who were cheated.


The Casino permits only one account per person, computer and/or household. The player acknowledges that the Casino may request identity verification at any point to ensure that no person shall open multiple accounts.

Multiple players may play at the casino from the same IP address, provided they are not on the same computer or members of the same household (for instance, multiple players may visit from a single internet cafe); however, players are hereby warned that should two players at the same IP address join the same table, their risk of being investigated for collusive behavior is more than doubled, and the burden of proof is on the players in such instances to demonstrate that they were not colluding.

It is the player's responsibility to keep confidential his or her account information and password. The player understands that having any third party involved whatsoever in the player's online casino account is a violation of this agreement. The player assumes full responsibility and agrees not to hold the Casino liable for any losses or damages resulting from the player's failure to keep his account information and password confidential. 

In providing an email address upon registration, the player agrees to receive occasional email correspondence at that address. If the player is no longer interested in receiving these emails, they may unsubscribe within the email itself or by emailing support. 

Player passwords are stored in an encrypted format, and Sapphire staff can neither view them nor retrieve them. Players are responsible for remembering their passwords. Players may request a reset of their password at any time through the login window.


The Casino may request proof of identity via email or through a person-to-person video call at any time, to ensure that players are 18 years or older and reside in a location where they are legally allowed to play. Identity verification requirements may consist of one or more pieces of ID as well as a recent utility bill or bank statement, and may vary per the Casino's request. The player acknowledges that images of these several identity documents will be kept in the Casino's system until such time as the player requests her account deleted, and that after deletion, one of the several identity documents will remain in our system in perpetuity to ensure against double accounts and to prevent the return of players who self-exclude or are excluded by the Casino.



A qualified wager consists of any real money bet made against, and accepted by, the house; any tournament entry fee once the tournament in question has started; and any poker bet (including a blind) to the extent that it has been called by at least one other player in ring play. Running bets, such as Hardway bets in Craps, are only considered qualified once they have been definitively won or lost, and are only qualified one time irrespective of the number of rolls they ride on. Running bets which are removed prior to winning or losing are not qualified.



Deposits made to StrikeSapphire are applied to the player's account immediately. Withdrawals are processed very rapidly. In some cases, withdrawals may be held pending investigation for up to 24 hours before a report on the status of the event must be made to the player. The Casino reserves the right to request identity verification from players prior to processing a withdrawal. Failure of the player to provide valid identity in a timely fashion in such cases will result in reversal of winnings and closure of the player's account. StrikeSapphire does not leave withdrawals pending for long periods, and does not offer players the option to reverse pending withdrawals, as we believe such practices to be unscrupulous.


Bitcoin deposits are converted to USD at the bid rate at the time of deposit. Bitcoin withdrawals are converted at the ask rate at the time the Casino processes them, not at the time they are requested.


The minimum Bitcoin deposit amount is 0.01 BTC. Deposits are limited to $1000 USD per week and $4000 USD per month, maximum. These limits may be waived in individual cases at the Casino's discretion.


Bitcoin withdrawals up to $50 USD in value are normally processed within 1-2 hours of request during regular hours (12pm to 4am GMT), or within 8 hours at other times depending on sysops' availability. Due to the bulk of our funds being held in USD, all Bitcoin withdrawals of over $50 are batch-processed daily at 3pm GMT.


The minimum amount a player may withdraw via credit card (if available) is $20 USD. The minimum withdrawal via all other methods is $5. The Casino charges a 6% handling fee on bank draft withdrawals under $100 USD. The fee is waived for withdrawals of $100 USD or more, and shall also be waived in cases where the player has requested a permanent self-exclusion from the casino. The maximum withdrawal is $3,000 USD per 7 day period, and $10,000 per month. Jackpots larger than $10,000 will be paid in monthly installments, beginning on the first of the following calendar month.


Bank drafts in all cases will only be sent to the verified address given by the player prior to her first deposit, unless the player notifies the casino prior to withdrawal to confirm a change of address, and receives verification that the new address has been accepted. The Casino shall not be responsible for the misuse of bank drafts sent to addresses which are no longer correct.


Due to credit card processing limitations, players may not withdraw via MasterCard. Withdrawals via Visa are only available to players in the following countries:


The UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico.


Players should consult their credit card's issuing bank to determine whether any additional fees will be applied upon withdrawal.


Under some circumstances, players may be limited to withdrawing via the same method as was used for their last, or largest, deposit, although our verification system is designed to mitigate these issues. The Casino reserves the right to restrict the number of individual deposits a player may make, or to suspend a player's ability to deposit additional funds at any time, for any reason whatsoever.


The casino reserves the right to use a player's first name and first initial of his or her surname (e.g. Jane Q.) in any announcement regarding winning results.


Any winnings accrued from a technical malfunction of the Software or servers will be voided and removed from the player's account. Any deposit(s) involved will be refunded to the player's account and may be cashed out for the original deposit(s') amount.




Comps, bonuses and affiliate rewards must be laid in qualified wagers, excluding in certain games, at least 30 times before they can be withdrawn. In the case of bonuses awarded upon deposit, both the bonus and the portion of the deposit for which it was awarded must be played 30 times before the entire amount is cashable. Sapphire bets are recorded toward wagering requirements (WR) in real time, and the casino allows winnings, and the cleared portion of bonuses and/or the cleared portion of deposits they're based upon to be withdrawn at any time. However, if a player makes a withdrawal prior to the completing all current wagering requirements on her account, the remaining uncleared sum of bonuses and their associated deposits in the account will be voided. Wagering requirements are cumulative in cases where a player has acquired a new bonus prior to clearing an old one. Bets placed before a bonus has been approved or after WR has been cleared, and/or during periods in which a player has no active bonus, are not applicable to wagering requirements on future bonuses.


For example: A player deposits $100 and chooses to take a $100 matching bonus, for a total of $200. The required playthrough is $200 x 30, or $6000. The player bets $1 on a Blackjack hand and wins, getting back $2. The player now has $201 in her account. She has cleared $1 of her wagering requirements, meaning that $0.03 of the deposit-bonus combo amount is now available for withdrawal. Her winnings are also available. So her total withdrawable amount is now $1.03. If she chooses to withdraw now, the remaining $199.97 of the unplayed deposit-bonus combo would be deducted from her account and lost.


Wagering requirements are cumulative. Should a player lose her entire balance ("zero out"), all remaining wagering requirements shall remain active on the player's account. In cases of deposit bonuses, the casino may choose to waive any left over wagering requirements at the player's request. Waiver of WR after a player zeros out shall be at the Casino's sole discretion, and waivers will not be granted if the player has already processed a withdrawal against the deposit or against any part of the bonus amount. The Casino will not waive cumulative wagering requirements from a cashback-style bonus, an affiliate bonus, or any bonus which was not directly tied to a deposit, even if the player zeros out.

Please note that to prevent the abuse of bonuses, bonus play will be monitored for irregularities in wagering, and abusive betting patterns may lead to the revocation of the player's bonus or the extension of the number of plays required by the house on that player's bonus cash prior to its withdrawal. Such patterns include, but may not be limited to: Hedged roulette bets and other low-risk betting patterns; initial bets of 50-100% of the bonus on a single hand at any table; and any type of behavior involving two or more parties at a poker table in which the aim of some or all of the players is the transfer or play-through of bonuses. The casino reserves the right to ban players involved in bonus play irregularities, to withhold bonuses and winnings arising from the same, and to return to the player her initially deposited funds. The casino also reserves the right to deny granting bonuses offered generally to individual players on the basis of the player's prior history, or should said bonus cause the player's total bonuses to exceed the value of her total deposits.

Casino employees, contractors, and their immediate families are not eligible to receive comps or bonuses.

Bets in most games, including poker, count at 100% their value towards comp or bonus wagering requirements. Bets in the following games count at 20%:

* Blackjack


* 5 Hand Bonus Video Poker


* Craps


* Roulette



Player points may be redeemed for buy-ins to certain tournaments, and are not exchangeable for cash. Player points are awarded at various rates. 

* In the case of tournaments (including sit & go tournaments), 2pp per 25¢ of buy-in are awarded to all tournament players at the start of the tournament. (e.g. a $10 tournament gives each player 80 pp). 

* In ring poker, 1pp per 25¢ of the big blind is awarded to each player remaining in the hand to see the flop (or the fourth card in seven card stud).

* In table and video games, 1pp per 25¢ is awarded on each qualified wager.

No player points are awarded on zero-edge bets such as the bonus flip card round of 5-Hand Bonus Video Poker.




Sapphire is constantly a work in progress. We build new and creative games, many of which allow players to toy with odds and paybacks in ways that haven't been attempted before, and we put them on the open internet for people to play for real money. We're usually pretty sure where we stand, but we take real risks, and sometimes in our excitement we jump the gun. 

We define advantage play as a situation in which the player gains an outright advantage over the house, by means other than collusion or cheating.

We recognize, and treat differently, two different types of "advantage play": 

The first type occurs when a player gains a mathematical advantage over the house. Examples are card counting and, in the case of some of our games, manipulating pay tables in ways that are unintended results of our algorithms or controls. This does not include making alterations to our client software or attempting to hack the site; simply mathematical prowess. The Casino respects mathematical prowess, and shall not deprive any winner of earnings gained by leveraging a found mathematical advantage in one of our games; however, the casino reserves the right to request any player cease playing any game, and/or to remove any game from circulation or alter its stated odds structure at any time without warning or consent.

The second type of AP we recognize occurs when a player discovers a bug in a game. The bug may work for or against the player, but in either case results in unintended consequences. These occurrences are relatively rare, and the Casino attempts to take a fair attitude toward them. In cases where a code error or bug causes the player to lose, the Casino shall reimburse the player for all losses caused as a direct result of the glitch. In cases where the player discovers a bug and uses it to win money from the house or another player, the Casino shall reverse any winnings resulting directly from the bug, but shall pay a bounty to the first discoverer of the bug to report it to us (upon verification), in the value of the amount won by the player from the bug, up to $100. If two or more players were involved in the incident, the bounty will be divided among all who report it. If the player decides not to report the bug, or is not the first to discover and exploit the bug, then no bounty will be rewarded and the player's winnings from the bug will simply be made null.

In order for any bug to qualify for the reimbursement or bounty stated above, the Casino must be able to reproduce the error, and the error must be in our code, not due to a browser bug, client-side problem or network condition. The client software must be able to reproduce the bug without any code tampering.




A Sapphire affiliate is anyone who signs up for referral rewards and sends depositing customers to the site. Affiliates may sign up for only one referral program at a time.


Affiliate rewards are approved manually after a deposit is made and the depositing player has either (1) laid the full basis amount for the award as well as any deposit bonus in qualified wagers at least once or (2) withdrawn. If the depositor wagers less than the full basis amount of the reward prior to withdrawal, the reward shall be based on the amount wagered at the time of withdrawal. Rewards are credited to the affiliate's Sapphire cash account. A referrer must have an active casino account to receive awards. Awards are given as comps and, as such, must be fully played 30 times in order to be withdrawn, just like any other comp or bonus within the Sapphire system (see Comps & Bonuses). Affiliates who qualify for special programs such as our Silver Star membership may be exempt from these rules.


A pattern of repeated deposit/withdrawal from one or more accounts deemed to be abusing the system for affiliate rewards may be considered grounds for termination of the depositor's account as well as suspension of the affiliate's rewards package, pending investigation.


Affiliates are not allowed to play their earnings against their referrals' bonuses. Deposits from the same household and/or from depositors who share an IP address with the affiliate are not eligible for reward. The Casino watches carefully for any unusual collaboration between affiliates and those they refer, and will suspend both accounts and freeze all earnings pending investigation if there is evidence of any wrongdoing.


Affiliates are expected to portray Sapphire in a positive way. They are specifically prohibited from:


*Spamming in comments, forums or email.

*Pop-under or pop-over advertising through link programs - this type of advertising does not convert effectively.

*Any type of advertising or cross-linking which may hurt Sapphire's page rank or negatively impact SEO.

*Posting links to the casino on websites or forums where casino links are prohibited.

*Attempting to attract customers from the US or any other country where online gambling is illegal.


Evidence of any of these actions may result in suspension of the affiliate's account.


The referral rewards program is open to every player at the casino. As such, affiliates are not considered employees or representatives of the casino, and the Casino is not responsible for the actions of affiliates. The casino will, in good faith, take all actions possible to prevent affiliates from giving us a bad reputation; any reports received of affiliates violating our guidelines will be taken seriously.


Tournaments which do not receive the minimum number of players to start will be automatically canceled, and all funds (cash, play cash and player points) will be returned to the players who joined. An email describing the event will be sent to each player who was signed up for the tournament.

In the event that a tournament needs to be cancelled for technical reasons, server repairs, etc., and that tournament has not yet started, all players who have signed up for it will be refunded the signup fee in cash, play cash and/or player points, and will immediately receive an email notifying them of the situation. The casino will endeavor to schedule make-up tournaments in such cases.

A procedure exists should a tournament need to be canceled in progress, under extreme circumstances or due to conditions beyond the casino's control. If a tournament is cancelled while still running: 

(1). Hands in progress at the moment of cancellation are chopped among players remaining in the hand, meaning all current bets are returned to their respective players and equal portions of the pot (limited to investment if the player was all-in) are returned to any players still holding cards. 

(2). 50% of the tournament prize pool, including free-roll prizes, guarantees and player point prizes, is divided equally among all players remaining in the tournament. 

(3). The other 50% of the tournament prize pool is apportioned to each player remaining in the tournament based on his or her current chip stack as a percentage of the total starting chip sum for the tournament. 


Sapphire Casino's servers are backed up on a rolling basis and housed in a secure location. In the unlikely event of a server crash or an act of God, all players logged into the crashed server will temporarily be evacuated to the main menu of the site while the problem is resolved. 

Ring poker hands in progress at the moment of a malfunction will be chopped among players remaining in the hand, meaning all current bets shall be returned to their respective players, and equal portions of the pot (limited to investment if the player was all-in) shall be returned to any players still holding cards. 

Other non-tournament games in progress at the moment of a malfunction will have their bets rewound in any case where wins or losses have not yet been established. This includes the reimbursement of all working bets on craps tables, regardless of whether a player would normally be allowed to remove them.

Tournaments running at the time of a malfunction will be canceled according to the tournament cancellation procedures. Sapphire Casino will in all cases attempt to contact players via email to keep them apprised of the situation, and maintain staff on-site 24 hours a day to remedy any technical problems as quickly as possible.

Sapphire Casino will not be held liable for the potential payout value of hands which have to be rewound due to technical failure.





Players must act within an appropriate amount of time at various stages in each game, indicated either by a countdown timer at the top of the game window or by a timer affixed to the player's avatar when it is her turn to act. Visual timers are considered absolute indicators of the time to act. Player acknowledges that it depends on her network connection and current network conditions whether a bet made during the allotted time period reaches the casino's server before the server's timer expires, and the Casino shall not be held responsible for any monetary losses resulting from the failure of a player's bet or other action to reach the Casino server in the allotted time. Players who miss their timer shall be set away, and away actions will be undertaken for them automatically, regardless of the state of their "Automatic" betting buttons, which require a live connection to function. Away players in poker will be check/folded; away players in Blackjack will stand; riding bets in Craps which are non-returnable (e.g. Pass and Come bets) will continue to ride until won or lost. Under no circumstances will the system automatically make a call or bet on behalf of an Away player in any game.


Players whose computers are not reachable by the server for more than 6 seconds will be automatically set away, and those not reachable for more than 12 seconds will be set disconnected. Disconnected players will automatically be removed from their seats 5 minutes after their last contact with the server in normal play, or after 10 minutes in tournament play. Players disconnected prior to the start of unscheduled tournaments (sit & go) will be removed from those tournaments and refunded they buy-in if their disconnect occurs continuously for 10 minutes prior to the start of the tournament. Players disconnected prior to the start of scheduled tournaments will not be withdrawn from said tournaments, but will be placed in the tournament when it starts and given a 10 minute grace period from the start of the tournament to reconnect to the server. Failure to reconnect to the server during the grace period will result in the removal of the player from the tournament, and the foreiture of her buyin. There is no rule against connected players remaining away for the entirety of a tournament; however, we maintain the disconnection rule above to prevent players who are not logged onto the site from placing in tournaments. Any 10-minute-long disconnect during the course of a tournament, scheduled or unscheduled, will cause a player to be removed from the tournament without refund.


The disconnection of a player due to slow or faulty network connection is not the responsibility of the Casino, and the Casino manifestly shall not be held responsible for losses incurred due to a player's failure to act when it is her turn to do so, regardless of the role of network issues, unless the player can provide a reproducible situation in which she attempted to act, but the action was mistakenly declined by our servers.





The Client Software describes the portion of the Casino application which is displayed and run in the player's web browser via Flash Player. In visiting the web site and thus downloading the Client Software, the player affirms that such software breaks no laws in his or her jurisdiction, and agrees to abide by all terms and requirements set forth herein for use of the software. By visitation and download of the Client Software, the player is granted a single-use license to said software which does not include the right to redistribute, republish in any form, decompile or otherwise manipulate the Software to any end other than its intended usage. The player is prohibited from using this Software to connect to any server or servers other than Casino's servers for which its use is intended. The Client Software and all ancillary code available through the Casino are copyrighted by the Strike Sapphire SA, and theft or plagiarism of code will be prosecuted to the full extent of applicable law.


The player acknowledges that detection of decompiled or altered Client Software will lead to the immediate closure of his or her account with the Casino, as well as the confiscation of all funds currently held in trust for the player by the Casino. The player acknowledges that modifying, tampering with or attempting to disable portions of the Client Software may automatically cause the suspension of his or her account with the Casino, and/or shall be grounds for investigation of his or her account and the suspension thereof.


Technically inclined players should be forewarned that the Client Software when decompiled in no cases holds passwords or other keys to the Casino's secure systems, and that unsanctioned modification of bets, winnings, losses or other values in the Software's code which are passed to the Casino's servers will not result in the successful manipulation of the servers themselves; rather, such actions will trigger automatic and irreversible suspension of the player's account and any funds held therein.





The Casino's software will automatically open up to 6 tables at which the player was seated, in the event that the player returns to the website and logs back in without having ever logged out or left those seats. A window will be automatically opened, and the player automatically seated, at the start of any scheduled tournament, if the player has less than 6 windows currently opened. If a player does not have room for the new tournament window, a warning will be issued advising the player that they have been seated in a tournament, and that they must close a currently open window for the new window to appear.


Closing of the player's browser tab or the quitting of the browser itself may or may not automatically log the player out of the site, depending on the browser's specifications. Logouts involve the removal of the player from all tables, including the player's removal from any open tournament tables and the forfeiture of related tournament buyins. Logouts do not remove the player from scheduled tournaments which have not yet started. In cases where the player's browser or system has crashed, there is no danger of an automatic logout from quitting the browser and reopening the site, in which case the player will be taken back to her open (seated) tables upon login (if within 10 minutes of the server's last contact with the Client Software).


Players who are not logged in at the start of a scheduled tournament will be seated and given a 10 minute grace period to log in and claim their seat at the table, after which the tournament buyin will be automatically forfeited.


Disconnected players returning to the site to resume game play other than tournament play are generally granted a 10 minute grace period to log in again, however the Casino in no cases shall be responsible for the player's removal from tables in a shorter period of time under the circumstances of disconnection or automatic logout.


A player may only use the Casino from one computer at a time. The player acknowledges that any determination made by the Casino that a player has attempted to log in from more than one computer simultaneously is grounds for immediate closure of the player's account and the confiscation of player's funds.



All randomness in Sapphire is channeled through a single central generator, which pools the numbers to be used for each dice roll, shuffled deck, spin and coin flip from a single source. Decks are shuffled using sequences of large random numbers in tandem with a Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm, then divided at a random point and reshuffled three times according to the same algorithm, with the generator reseeded between each shuffle. All full decks are recorded before being dealt. The full contents of each day's non-poker shuffles, as well as the distribution of top cards and associated standard deviations, are made publicly available on a daily basis at 12 PM (GMT -6) the following day, accessible through the Transparency link at the bottom of the Sapphire screen.


Strike Sapphire SA guarantees absolute fairness and randomness in our games. For further information about our randomness procedures, please contact [email protected].



Strike Sapphire strongly supports responsible gaming behavior on the part of our players. Players may limit their deposits over any period they wish, or freeze their accounts for any length of time, through the "Responsible Gaming" option in the Account menu. The Casino will not consider altering these restrictions for any player once they are set. Moreover, deposit limits do not fluctuate with net account value and/or withdrawals; once a deposit limit is set, it will never increase before it expires. Players may tighten their limits or extend the desired period of a limit at any time. Players who are locked out, and who desire to make their lockout permanent, are encouraged to contact [email protected] with their request. Much more information on our responsible gaming policy can be found here.


Player's personal information entered on the site will be used for the following purposes ONLY: 

- To determine the validity of player's identity and to verify account activity under that name. 

- In providing information to a third party to collect any sums of money owed to the casino by the player. 

- When law requires, reporting to the proper authorities for the detection and prevention of crime.